Company Profile

Message from the President

Waki Fishing Implement Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing fishing tackle together with modern pole fishing fishermen since its establishment in 1910. In recent years, according to the wisdom and commitment of fishermen and anglers, we gradually developed new and better products during the progress of manufacturing,

By the interaction of the producers and customers, the original products with different perspective were invented and highly evaluated not only in domestically in Japan but also overseas. In addition, each product is carefully handmade, creating deep trust and gathering deep-rooted fans.

We continue to pursue the joy of catching fish, and we aim to make our customers and other people involved happy with the fishing tackles we manufactured.

Company Motto

Considering that each of our work is highly related to the rise and fall of the fishing industry, each person will be aware of the importance of his mission, devote all his energy to the product, and become one of the pieces that promotion of the marine industry.

1. Know yourself
The society keep us alive.
Others keep us alive.
Objects keep us alive.
Occupation keep us alive.
1. Time waits for no one
The world is constantly advancing
Estimate the improvement of technology and quality
The fish will not always be in the same place
Produce the products as soon as possible
1. Don't forget gratitude
Gratitude to the customers
Gratitude to the occupation
Gratitude to the partner
Gratitude to the society

Always remembering this spirit is the basis for contributing to society, bringing prosperity and happiness to all employees, and for the development and permanence of the company.

Company Information

Company Name
Waki Fishing Implement Co., Ltd.
881 Oshima, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
Representative Director Waki Hideo
Phone Number
Business Hours
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Regular holiday
Sundays, public holidays, etc. (according to company-regulated calendar)
Transaction Bank
Tajima Bank Kinosaki Branch
San-in Godo Bank Toyooka Branch
Nagisa Credit Fisheries Cooporative Association Tsuiyama Branch


In Meiji 43rd
Gonzou Waki, the first generation, manufactures mackerel fishing flies alongside the fishing industry, and establishes "Waki Hachigoro Shoten" as a fishing tackle retailer.
In Showa 4th
Yasuichi Waki, the second generation, takes over the family business.
In Showa 22nd
Established a new factory at Tsuiyama, Toyooka City, to manufacture baits for squid fishing.
In Showa 28th
Started production of fishing sinkers.
In Showa 29th
Established as Waki Fishing Implement Co., Ltd.
In Showa 48th
Established a new factory in Oshima, Toyooka City.
In Showa 59th
Hidetoshi Waki, the third generation, assumed office as representative director.
In Heisei 13rd
Hideo Waki, the forth generation, assumed office as representative director.